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FLOW Series

We find ourselves out of space and time when looking at Csaba Szegedi's Flow painting series... Each image is a fragment torn out, a segment from the web of continuity. We have the feeling as if we are looking at one piece of a film reel which itself is made up of film strips. Fragments of memory and fragments of time come together to form an endless story where each image is a temporal presence in itself. Horizontal visual elements like horizontally drawn brush strokes further divide the canvas and break up the flow of time with new beats. The compositions are rhythmic, melodic, and evoke musical associations...

(Dr. Judit Szeifert)

In all circumstances, Csaba Szegedi insists on preserving the sensual, lively character of the observed and examined things, so that his works can breathe, live, have independence, be brave and liberated. It is precisely the double mill between the preserved memory of the concrete visual experience and the abstract motifs now becoming just color fields, the viewer's attitude forced to change constantly, that provides constant source of vitamins…in his current pictures, he has reached the joint operation of awareness and instinct, which is now difficult to separate. After playing with tectonic forms organized around a central motif, sleepily reeling or aimlessly floating shapes, he now arranges his works in dynamically undulating rows. He arranges, or rather lets the color stripes flow together and along one other in a rhythmic articulation. This movement that does not want to stop will be one of the defining, titular feature of the works... 

(Dr. Gábor Pataki)